Welcome to Devoted to Israel. I am hoping that this site helps you to filter through many of the complicated issues with which people who have a love for Israel struggle. Questions such as, “What does it mean to love Israel?”, “How do I most effectively support Israel?”, “Do Jewish people need Jesus?”, “Has the church replaced Israel?”, and “Do I need to keep the law?”, are answered. Sites that I believe hold to an orthodox position on these issues are linked. I will give words of caution if necessary.

As I have said in my book, devotion to the land of Israel and the Jewish people without devotion to the proclamation of the gospel to them is half-hearted devotion at best. As a believer in Jesus, it is also difficult, if not impossible to be devoted to Israel without having the proper theology of Israel.

The site is broken into different sections with links on how you can learn about the different relevant issues: Loving Israel the Biblical Way. Giving to Israel the Biblical Way. Reaching Israel the Biblical Way.

My deepest desire is that my Jewish people come to know Jesus as Messiah. I grieve with the Apostle Paul that my people may be saved. I truly believe that if we have a proper perspective on the gospel, the Jewish people, and on Israel, our hearts will be drawn towards God’s heart. It is my hope that because of “Devoted to Israel” and because of some of the links on this site the church will be educated and my Jewish people will be “provoked to envy” (Romans 11:11) the way they should be.

Many blessings in Messiah,

Murray Tilles
Devoted to Israel
Director, Light of Messiah Ministries

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