To appreciate and understand the purposes of God in human history means to come to know God’s heart for His people, Israel. And God is using my friend Murray Tilles to help us in our understanding of the central place the Jewish people have in the unfolding of God’s plan for the ages. As you read through these compelling, insightful devotionals I am sure you will be struck by the unmistakable passion our great God has for His people, our need to pray for the peace of Israel, and the call to lovingly and urgently share the good news of the gospel. Murray, thank you for this gift.”

Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr.
Author, Speaker, Radio Host
Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church
Roswell, GA

As a Christian, and a devotional author myself, I know the importance of spending time alone with God and His Word. I believe Devoted to Israel will help you do that. In the process, not only will it focus your eyes on the Lord and the Jewish people, but also it will give you God’s perspective on His chosen ones. My prayer is that it will strengthen your heart to take the gospel back to those to whom we owe so much—the Jewish people. Remember—our Savior—our Messiah—is Jewish! May the Lord grant you His heart for the lost—especially His chosen people—as you read this book.

Jim Reimann
(From the foreword)
Editor of the updated editions of My Utmost for His Highest and Streams in the Desert.

Jesus wept over Israel’s lost condition. Paul prayed for Israel’s salvation. The British commentator, C. E. B. Cranfield, adds, “In this prayer for Israel’s salvation he has set an example for the church to follow. A church which failed to pray for Israel’s salvation would be a church which did not know what it means to be the church of Jesus Christ.” Murray Tilles wants Christians to have the same heart-felt burden for the Jewish people today, and he’s in good company!

Jim R. Sibley
Associate Professor and Director of the Pasche Institute of Jewish Studies at Criswell College

Jesus often prayed for Jerusalem and the Jewish people, and any follower of Jesus can learn more about God’s devotion to Israel through these thoughts from Scripture. How has God used the Jewish people in His redemptive plan? How is Israel’s experience of faith, failure and forgiveness similar to our own walks with the Lord? How do the holidays of Israel give us cause for celebration today? And how does Israel’s future encourage believers about the unfailing promises of God? Murray Tilles guides us through the faithful words of Scripture and encourages us about the faithfulness of God. These devotional thoughts explore truths about the character of God and the role of the Jewish people that, while often neglected in today’s church, are found on most of the pages of the Bible. This book will help all of us appreciate God’s faithfulness to His promises. Through history, the present, and the future, God is Devoted to Israel.

Tim M. Sigler, Ph.D.
Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies
Moody Bible Institute

“Devoted to Israel” is a book that any follower of Jesus should read. It has the right biblical balance between loving the Jewish people and being committed to seeing Israel saved through Jesus the Jewish Messiah. In a day and age where many in the body of Christ are confused when it comes to the subject of Israel, Murray Tilles uses the Bible to bring clarity and to draw one to a correct understanding of the need of the Jewish people for Jesus. As an Israeli Jewish believer in Jesus, and as one actively ministering to the Jewish community here, this book is music to my ears!

Dan Sered
Israel director
Jews for Jesus

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